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So overnight I was a bit delirious from this cold.  I was stressing over the firewall rules I was going to need opened so I could breathe, and was hoping security would hurry up and approve them.  Hrmm.  So took some Coldeze and slept a bit better after that.

Today I was slowed down but refused to be stopped.  Stu had been wanting to go out for breakfast, so we went to Black Pepper.  It was very crowded, and after nearly getting blown away outside, we only got rained on a little bit.  But the food was yummy yum.

Went down to the lake and photographed some swallows and a blue dragonfly.




Blue Dragonfly

Blue Dragonfly

Then went to the other side of the lake to feed the swans/ducks/coots etc.
Teenage swans

Home via Gem Aquatics.

This arvo I didn't do much, really just read news feeds and started working on my 3000 Ravensburger jigsaw (which I've never actually done myself - I lent it to Marylon once and I helped a bit then).  And photographed all the Harry Potter Lego from last year.

Harry Potter Lego

Tonight scanned 69 photos, mostly from 1994.  Photos included a series on Snowy, my budgie, my 21st birthday and some miscellaneous photos.

This was my budgie, Snowy, that I got for Christmas (or thereabouts) in 1993.  Had him (her? - Dad always thought it was a girl and called it a Widgie) for five years.
My 21st Birthday Cake, with Alphie (sequel cockatoo to Alphie, the Alphatech mascot at my Dad's work which got shipped off to South East Asia or some such convoluted story)
21st birthday cake and Alphie
This is looking down the maintenance shaft of Sydney Tower.  My mother and I climbed Sydney Tower's steps - all 1385 of them!
Sydney Tower maintenance shaft
Aftermath of an "Oops" at Waterfall

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