Lamb Sunday

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For Australia Day I thought I'd get some lamb.  But I couldn't choose between a roast and shanks.  So I bought both.  The roast was a mini roast, so only took about thirty five minutes to cook, so did that on Australia Day.  Today we did the shanks.

Very very simple.  Two lamb shanks.  An onion, some cloves of garlic, a couple of potatoes, a tin of chopped tomatoes, a tub of tomato paste and some Worcestershire sauce.  Turn slow cooker onto low and come back six hours later (I did turn them a couple of times).  Carefully remove from the cooker so as not to lose any of the meat :)  Probably should have cooked some greens as well, oh well.

Stu's Devilled Lamb Shanks

Devilled lamb shanks
Very rich and tasty, probably better suited to a winter's night than a summer one, but hey :)

Other than that, I had a relatively productive day, trying mainly to avoid the heat.  Got news feeds under control again, some of the house tidied, bathroom cabinet cleaned out and sorted out a bunch more photos to scan next.

I also had my first go at geotagging some photos against a GPS track, but will save that for another post :)

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