Screwed by the Commonwealth Bank

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I miss my last mortgage.  It had a credit card attached to it that had a $2000 limit and automatically got paid off at the end of each month from the mortgage account.  If I needed more during the month I just transferred more onto it and it would be paid off along with the rest of the account.  Simple.  No fuss.  No interaction required.

With this mortgage we ended up with a loan from the Commonwealth Bank.  And I had to get my first regular credit card.

Now I'm sometimes a bit forgetful paying bills.  It's not that I don't have the money, it's just that I put the bills in a pile, and sometimes forget about them until after they're due.  But most companies are pretty good about it.

Not so the banks.

Remember, I've never had a credit card before, but I've been good (lucky) the past two years about paying this one on off on time.  

Until this month. I simply forgot about it.  And because I don't get paper statements anymore, all I get is one email notification.  So if I forget to log in and find out how much the bill was for and setup to pay it I end up in the situation I found myself in today.  Where the credit card payment was due a week ago.

So not only do they charge a $20 late fee (fair enough I guess), but a $77.63 "finance charge" which I assume is the credit card interest.  How fricken outrageous is that?  $77.63 in interest for one week???  Not happy Jan!!!

Well it seems they do have an auto payment option, so at least I won't get screwed like that again.  But $100 because I didn't know about it earlier is epic grunt!

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