Two in a row

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Tonight we went out for dinner with Damien and Amanda.  Went to the Dumpling Inn and had lots of yummy food and talked about all sorts of vitally important things.  TV (Amazing Race, Masterchef etc), travel (their plans and urs), politics (boring hehe).  Was a good night :)

One of the jigsaws the parents started while they were here and that I finished was labelled "Switzerland".

Switzerland Jigsaw
Now remember people I have a weirdly obsessive brain.  I had to know where this photo was taken.  So out with Google Earth.  Took circling five lakes before I found it.  It's Spiez on Thunersee.  The sad thing is, if they'd just angled the photo a bit better, they could have gotten the Swiss alps in it too..

Spiez stolen from
Anyways.  Really terrible jigsaw in that they obviously hadn't sharpened the cutters any time recently, so the pieces were butchered and it was hard to tell if they actually went together at all.  I was expecting the lake to be impossible to do, but actually it wasn't so bad.  Funny repeating pattern too which I discovered right at the end.  

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