Parents part 1

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So the parents came down for the weekend today.  They called earlier in the week and said they'd be down "after lunch" and that they might drop in on the little brother and if they did they'd call from there.

Well anyway, "after lunch" came and went and no sign of the parents.  I eventually called the little brother to see if they'd been there, but they were out so hadn't seen them.

So by 3pm I was pretty annoyed that they hadn't called.  We'd been waiting around for hours.


They eventually turned up, but I was stuck monitoring a rollout that was quite fail.  The parents entertained themselves with a couple of jigsaws.

Eventually they called it, so we all went off to Dickson for dinner.  Went to that all you can eat place.  It was *packed*.  The roast pork and beef were really nice and the lasagne not bad, but most of the rest of the food was a bit meh.  Biggest problem I ate so much meat it's just sitting in my stomach.  The smell of my burps is making me a little queasy actually.  Really shouldn't eat so much meat anymore... 

(oh yeah, and they never closed the door when they came in, so we went out to dinner with the front door and screen door open.. hurrah)


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