Burley Blading

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Saturday arvo Potty smsed me to see if I'd like to go roller blading down at the lake.  So wandered over their place and we all headed down.

I haven't bladed in several years now (may have gone once since I met Stu, but can't remember - last blog occurrence was 2004).  And my blades are about fourteen years old (got em in 1996 I think).  So I'd just put them on when one of the plastic straps snapped.  And shortly after the one on the other side did too - doh!!  So will have to see if I can get replacement straps.  

So Kerry walked Violet trying to get her to go to sleep, and Potty and I chased Jake around.  Apart from lots of loose stones, it's a very nice smooth place to rollerblade.  We decided we definitely need to do it more often.

(cool rainbow, and funky iPhone motion skew)
Lake Burley Griffin
Waters Edge
Wedding photo shoot
Potty roller blading
Lake foreshore

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