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So yesterday Potty smsed us to see if we wanted to go for a drive.  Since we weren't doing anything we thought why not.  So got picked up after lunch.

The plan was to head to out to Gentle Annie's Trail, except certain five year olds, who shall remain nameless, whinged the whole way that it was too long and he felt sick.  Which is silly since he goes on long drives regularly.  Maybe cause he was relegated to the very back seat (he was totally fine on the way back in the middle).  So that was all a bit *meh* and .. *kids* .. :/

So long story short we stopped at Uriarra crossing for about an hour, having a look at the Murrumbidgee in flood (not as bad as it was a week ago) and a snack.

Mt Stromlo from the car
Mt Stromlo
Murrumbidgee River
Murrumbidgee River
Cyclists at Uriarra Crossing.  These guys were all in a race, and they held us up in groups taking up the whole lane of the road and no places to pass.
Cyclists at Uriarra Crossing
Crimson rosella
Crimson rosella
Isn't he cute? :)
The sweetie!
The flattened grasses attested to a much higher water level a week ago
Flood-flattened grass
Family photo
Family photo
Coming back Potty decided to take the scenic route over Coppins Crossing.  Had to reverse all the way back too because the other end was a bit washed out.
Coppins Crossing

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