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Bit of an all over the place day today.

It was 8:20, so of course I had to get some alerts (a scheduled restart of a server, so I get alerts.. yay.. )

Got up to feed the birds and found the pool frozen over again, but this time, a solid sheet of ice, up to 3mm thick in places!  Froze my fingers playing with it :)  (the bowl of water I have out for the birds had frozen completely solid)

June freeze

June freeze

June freeze
Late morning we thought we'd go see the chookens, only to find out the chooken show was only Saturday and Sunday :(  So tried to get a coffee at Satis, but it was closed :(  Decided to go to Dickson and have a wander round the block, and ended up having lunch there.  Then headed out to Bunnings and Jem Aquatics, then came home - three hours later.. doh!

Spent the rest of the afternoon doing some gardening stuff, and some fish stuff.

So didn't get any of the garage organised.. oh well..

Tonight just watched some episodes of Castle online, and Masterchef and did some UK planning.

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