Andrew birthday

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Friday night we went out for dinner for Andrew's birthday.  Went to La Piazza in Erindale.  The food was decent enough (I had some really yummy lamb shanks and Stu had an impressive looking pizza) but the service was pretty abysmal.  Took forever for them to take our order and food was very slow coming as well.  

La Piazza lamb shanks
La Piazza pizza
Then we went back to their place for games and dessert.  We played a bit of Mario Kart while Nat baked a cake.  Then some Hungry Hungry Hippos (!) then some Big Boggle.  All were lots of fun.  Pity mum gave our Hungry Hungry Hippos away hehe (I think the one made thirty years ago was a lot better built).  And I'd never played 5x5 Boggle before - I thought it only came in 4x4!

Hungry Hungry Hippos!
Hungry Hungry Hippos!
Then we had cake while miss monster Suki looked on

Miss Monster Suki
Andrew's cake
Then we went off to download photos, and when we came out, Suki had eaten the icing off the half of the cake that was left - epic tragedy!  (and this was after Nat had to make a new cake after Suki had nibbled all the muffins she had made previously .. little monster of a cat hehe)


shinydragon said:

Thanks for coming guys.
Naughty kitten!!

July 3, 2010 12:06 PM


Kazza the Blank One said:

twas lots of fun :)

July 5, 2010 10:32 AM


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