Family weekend

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Yesterday afternoon we went into Braddon to visit Stu's aunties and uncle who were in town.  All Stu's family came so that was pretty cool, and good that the flat was so huge heh.  We'll be in the UK at the same time as Jan and Bruce so we shared travel planning notes :)

View from the apartment
Clifton Apartments view
Immy and Violet
Immy and Violet
All the cousins
This eyeball was actually really cool - always faced up
Scary eye ball
On the way home Stu wanted a thickshake, so we got these Maltesers sundaes as well - nommm!
Maltesers Sundaes

Today we went over to Potty's and everyone came over again.  Got a huge Turkish feast and we all ate too much heh.

Turkish feast
Violet June
A big shout out to Aunty Essie!  Hello! :)

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