It must have been a Monday

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Had a dream last night that I got so sick of all the crap in my job that I decided to quit.  I had two days to go and was in a bit of a panic about getting documentation done, and was feeling a little regretful about leaving everyone and knew I'd miss plenty of stuff.  Except the proxies.  Those I would be happy to never see again in my life.

Real life pretty much imitated the dream.  Abandoned any hope of getting any "real" work done quite early in the day.

I did have a productive hour when I got home from work, but then discovered that the girl guppy I bought a week ago was dead :(  I swear I am utterly cursed buying guppies.  I've never once bought a guppy and had it survive more than a week or two.  Here I am trying to diversify my gene pool, but these stoopid little fish don't want to be in it.  

Epic *sigh*

I'd like a better day tomorrow please? Thx.

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