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Last night we had Nat and Andrew over so we could eat the Batman chicken nuggets I'd had for a few months in the freezer.  We also played some Pictionary (the boys sooo didn't want to) and watched Love Actually and had pasta and salad for dinner.  

Today was just a quiet day at home.  I dusted nearly a half of my models, some requiring a damp cloth (the trick being not to wipe off decals with the dust).


This evening we went to All Bar Nun for Doc's birthday drinks and dinner.  Had a lot more drinks than dinner! :)  Doc jumped out of a perfectly good aeroplane this morning so was fun to hear about his experience with that.  The sweetie wanted to come home a lot earlier than I was ready to .. doh..!  But otherwise quite a pleasant evening :)

Stu and Neil at Doc's 30th
Food platter at Doc's 30th

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