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Long weekend and very little time at home.. doh!!

Yesterday morning Stu got up relatively early and we went into town.  

Grey Black Mountain
Got to see the new Canberra Centre parking light system.  This is so totally brilliant.  Rhodes shopping centre should pay attention to this!

Canberra Centre parking light system
Had some breakfast at Gus' in civic then I got a card for the parents while Stu got a hair cut.

Came home and packed, then headed off to Sydney.

Arrived at Luc&Lizzi's around five pm to take a donut photo of Ryan.

Lego laptop
Ryan donut photo
Then headed to the parents' place.  The plan was to go out to dinner so we decided to go to "Tropical Restaurant" Chinese in Jannali.  The food wasn't that bad (I actually really enjoyed the BBQ pork with garlic sauce) and service was pretty quick, but they enraged me by not providing free tap water (you had to buy bottled water or soft drink).  It was a BYO place, although "alcoholic beverages only".  So there was no way to get a free drink of water.  This, while perhaps not illegal unless they were licensed, is downright *rude*.  I refused to buy a drink at all, and will never be going back there.

Tropical Chinese restaurant in Jannali is dodgy - avoid!!
This morning we went to church with the parents.  Then went and got Stu a coffee at a cafe in Jannali.  Then came back for a parish lunch, which my aunties and uncles and some of the parents' friends came along to for my parents' 40th (ruby) wedding anniversary.  Wasn't too painful heh :)

40th Anniversary
Anniversary flowers
Cake topper from my parents wedding cake
Cutting the cake
After lunch and dessert we came back to pick up out stuff and photograph parrots..

Young King Parrot
Then headed home, via the little brother's to say hello and happy anniversary to them.  Had a lovely long hold of Yingarna (she is sooo beautiful!) although didn't take any photos to prove it.

Was later filled with rage at people who don't know how to merge.  Apparently there'd been an earlier accident on the Hume Highway.  We drove maybe ten kilometres in first gear just crawling along north of Goulburn.  Then got to some road works where the two lanes merged into one.  At that point the traffic jam vaporised.  No trace whatsover of it.  How can you go from two lanes at 5km/hr to one lane at 100km/hr ??? Fricken fricken!!  I hate people.  Truly I do.

Traffic jam
No traffic jam
There was actually water in Lake George, but we were pretty exhausted and just wanted to go home, so just took some snaps from out the window.

Lake George and turbines
Now it's nearly midnight.  Because we haven't spent nearly enough time at home this weekend :(  *sigh*


Jo said:

hah. We were caught in that jam also. Couldn't believe it when we got past the little two lane roadworks bit. I reckon someone forgot to remove the signs and bollards on Fri night when they finished work. I love the parking indicators in the canberra centre too, took me a while to figure out what they were for when they were installing them!

February 17, 2010 5:56 PM


Kazza the Blank One said:

haha cool :)
how'd you come across my blog?

February 17, 2010 7:29 PM


Jo said:

I am not sure. Maybe from another Canberran? Or a post on Yass - I track mentions of Yass in Google search (sticky beak).

February 18, 2010 12:41 PM


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