Black Pepper and Showers

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Yesterday morning (well actually Friday night), the sweetie decided we should go out for breakfast.  So after making sure servers were working after patching reboots we went to Black Pepper in Belconnen.  Wasn't too bad.  I had eggs benedict with some really yummy bacon, although I don't think I'd have it with the farmhouse muffin again.

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Black Pepper Belconnen
Eggs Benedict at Black Pepper

After brekky we went for a walk to the Hub to see if they had any Japanese coffee-in-a-cans that Stu still misses about Japan.  Then for a wander round the lake to look at the swan that was there.

Black swan
Black swan
Belconnen Arts Centre

Spent much of the day trying to sort out four and half thousand photos that haven't been filed since around September last year :/

After their film group night, Nat and Andrew came over and we played some Wii.  First up Mario Kart (eight races, always fun), then some Kirby Airride (the general racing wasn't too bad but the mini-maps were too painful to control), and then some Mario Kart Double Dash from the Gamecube (like Mario Kart but with two characters on each cart and a few different tracks, a few the same, a little weird but still fun).  Which took us well and truly into tomorrow (today)!

This morning I went along to Kerry's baby shower.  A room full of strangers was really not my idea of fun :/  They played a couple of baby-shower type games (a version of Pictionary was the most fun, of course heh), but I ran away again when it came to "playing dressups" and a tea party relay.  Potty's colleague Danielle was nice though, and she's due shortly after Kerry.

Baby shower
Baby shower
Baby shower
I wanted to upload the rest of the photos I took to conspiracy, but the server disk is pretty much full, and I can't FTP anything :(  Wondering if I should finally move my blog somewhere else .... :/

Came home and did some more photo sorting, and we put quite a few books into shelves too.

Watched an ok doco on the Titanic disaster.. really must get Stu to watch the 1998 version... heh

And had a dip in the freezing puddle to cool off from this stoopid heat.. bring on autumn!!


delmer said:

I thought that first photo might be an old-time mileage marker, like we have on some of our older roads here. I figured it could be from the 20s or 30s (and in concrete to preserve it) and gave it a closer look to find a number which would indicate the mile number. What I saw appeared to be the little "recycle arrows" which, if the post was from the 20s or 30s would be very progressive... even for Australia.

Right clicking the photo brought up the name.

February 22, 2010 5:37 AM


shinydragon said:

Oh wow, your blog isn't blocked right now, I can see the pics! Wonder if ContentBLocker is down...


February 22, 2010 9:53 AM


Kazza the Blank One said:

D: hehe yes would have been *very* progressive ;)

N: cool, or maybe they finally realised my site wasn't anything to do with Kazaa :)

February 22, 2010 6:19 PM


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