2010 here we come!

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So yesterday morning I hopped in my car and drove to Sydney.  Apart from overheating slightly when going at 110, my car worked fine - hurrah!  Saw four police cars out and about.

Arrived at James and George's a bit after 2pm.  Played some Wii Olympics with the kids until other people turned up.  Then had a very pleasant afternoon/evening of chatting/drinking/eating/eating/eating/playing/present opening.  Watched the fireworks at midnight (only thirteen minutes worth - ripped off!) and went to bed.  Not really sure how well I slept - it felt like I was awake most of the night because the mattress was very soft, but I don't feel like a zombie today so must have gotten reasonable sleep.  

But was a bit sad cause is the first New Years Eve I've had since knowing Stu that I haven't been with him :(

So this morning I came home again.  Almost got sideswiped by a Suburu turning off Pennant Hills Road, but he was doing the speed I wanted to go, so followed him all the way to the Southern Highlands (he turned off before I got to Sutton Forest maccas).  Only saw three cop cars.

So that was my very boring New Years.  Almost went to bed without blogging tonight but decided to try and keep up last year's resolution to try and blog every day where practicable.  We're also going to weigh ourselves every day (we have Wii Fit Plus now - there's some cool new activities on it to do).  Other resolutions?  Just the usual - trying to be more organised around the house - with cleaning and maintenance and the fish and plants etc etc.  We'll see how we go.. :)

Happy 2010!! :)

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