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Tonight (after a fairly quiet day and a quick trip to the markets) we went over to Windy's for a bit of a birthday gathering.  

They did a meat fondue which was pretty cool.  A pot of heated oil that you dip chunks of raw beef into to cook, then a few sauces to dip the meat into.  Was lots of fun and a bit chaotic, and the BIL asked if we were doing any swinging ;)
Meat fondue
Gingerbread cookies
After dinner was much Singstar to be had :)
Including a variation I'd not heard of before - reverse Singstar - where you're not allowed to look at the screen!  Freaky!  Really only works with songs you know really well though. I had a go at You're The Voice, which I know all the words for, and did ok at it :)
Davids doing Singstar

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