Trivial.. again..

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Got a last minute invite to the TAMS Trivia Night tonight.  So wandered along to that (couldn't convince the sweetie to come though :( ).  It was a fun night.  Only six rounds of eight questions and a couple of filler rounds.  Funniest thing was there were at least three questions from *our* trivia night (that we never got to hold), that I knew the answers to because of that.  So anyway we were doing ok, in the top half of scores.  Then at the end they read out third place, which we thought we might have had a chance of winning, but it wasn't us.  But then they read out second, and it was our table, and I didn't even realise, and the others were standing up and I'm .. what?? we came second???  Pretty impressive since we only had seven on our table (should have been ten).  So brought home a bottle of plonk and a $20 IGA voucher :)

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