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Got most of what I wanted to do for the week done by lunch time, so went along to the first of three work Christmas parties.  This one was ok, although it got better after a few beers ;)

Three pinkies
Came home and jumped in the pool - instant refreshment!!

Then headed out again to Nat's birthday dinner.

We gave her a Totoro hat..

Totoro hat
Dinner was the Turkish Grill Restaurant in Erindale.  They kept bringing out all this food, and I'm eating it happily.  They stopped bringing food and I'm all "I'm totally full" .. and then they told me that was just the entree?!?!?  Gah!!  So didn't get to each much of the mains - was simply too full! Doh!  Nat asked me to blog the pictures I had of some of the food.. it was pretty good food!  And heaps of it with the banquet..

Turkish Grill
Turkish Grill
Turkish Grill
Turkish Grill
Turkish Grill
Turkish Grill


Natto said:

Nice pics of the food...makes me want to eat it all again (OK, maybe not YET - still full lol!). May I have big version of Totoro hat photo?). Cant wait till its cold so I can wear it everywhere! Thanks for coming :D

P.S. Captcha word was "bummest"

December 5, 2009 10:42 AM


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