Party, Party, Party, Epic Fail

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Four days, three parties, and a big fail ....

Friday was the last of our Friday work parties.  We went bowling and I won the loser's er, learner's prize for coming last .. :)  And then we went out for lunch, and then some drinks.  A very pleasant afternoon :)

Learner's prize
Saturday we drove to Sydney and went to two of my cousins's kids's Christenings.  All sorts of cool memories of various Greek events, a good party (if a little too noisy), and catching up with family.  Wished I was coordinated enough to do some Greek dancing, but ended up doing a little ordinary dancing to popular music (and even mum joined in - freaky! :) ).  

Lake George
Various Johnsons
Christening cake
Stu with Leonard
More Johnsons
Sunday was Christmas lunch at the parents'.  The aunties and uncles on mum's side, and the B and SIL came along, so was a great afternoon.

Christmas table
Christmas wreath
Pam and Pims
Storm Trooper Last Supper
If at all possible, avoid Macca's at South Goulburn.  It's seriously the worst in Australia.  Even when there's noone there they aren't organised enough to take people's orders and get them right.  Longest wait times ever!!  Stu didn't get what he ordered. Epic fail!!

Maccas sunset
Today was back to work and what should have been a fairly seemless rollout turned out to be epic disaster.  We ended up having to roll back and it was all very depressing.  This product seriously sucks donkey balls.  *sigh*

Four days to Christmas and have barely done any Christmas shopping .. doh..

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