Parties, Pizza, Pooped

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So Friday to Sunday.

Friday was the second of three Friday work parties where entirely too much wine was drunk but it was a pretty good party (and I did a round of Christmas trivia).  Dinner of pizza, but ate entirely too much when my stomach wasn't ready for food yet.

Saturday was up at stoopid-o'clock after not having gotten much sleep the night before, and my stomach still wasn't ready for food.  So packed a three-tonne truck full of stuff instead.  Only then did I get hungry.  But then it was off to Hall Showground for yet another party.  This one was a lot of work, but did get to wander around for a while in the morning and even go on a few rides.  Nat wants to go next year.  Packed and unpacked the truck again, and got home at 6:15pm.  Whereupon I had a shower and then we headed out again - to Nat and Andrew's new place.  More pizza for dinner, and Wiiing.  And raspberry nomms for dessert :) Got home very late.  Lucky we didn't fall alseep at the wheel on the way home.

Sunday was collapse in a heap day.  Did pretty much nothing all day.  Kinda needed it.

The bogans moved in on the weekend.  Already being loud and bogany, and parking on the nature strip in front of our house.  This is the one thing I really really dreaded from new neighbours.  Guess God is just laughing at me.  They do have a pretty cool fish tank though, and a cute little puppy.  Should prolly go down and say hello to them soon...

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