Christmas Day 2009

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Today we got up fairly early.  Well actually we got up at normal time for a weekday :)  Did a bit of a present thingie with the sweetie.

Then headed out to Yass for Stu's family's party.  Was a really wet day, but at least a lovely temperature :)  
Heaps of great food, ate way too much!  I still haven't had any dinner.. hrmm.. :)

Christmas Lunch
Christmas Lunch
Christmas Lunch
Christmas Lunch
The kids
Tonight I dug out my Star Destroyer and started building it while watching Love Actually :)
Love Actually is one of Fifi Box's favourite movies.  She saw it over and over again at the cinemas.  And I have to admit that it's grown on me too.  The first time I saw it I enjoyed it but it passed my test of repeated viewings, and in fact I think I enjoy it more each time.  Or maybe it's just Christmas :)


Missy said:

Merry Christmas!!! We've had snow, ice and last night heavy, heavy rain...I've never seen such a snowy, icy, watery combination in the yard! I'm going out now to chip ice off the driveway before my parents arrive.

December 26, 2009 3:07 AM


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