Been keeping busy

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So we've been keeping busy doing not a lot :)

Realised last night we hadn't left the house in four days :)  Bliss!!

Yesterday morning I finished rebuilding the Millennium Falcon.  It only took twelve hours this time instead of eighteen (so that was six hours of my life last time just hunting for pieces in the bags!  This time each little section was in its own bag from when I pulled it apart carefully).    I found the two 2x3 grey plates which I couldn't find during the first build.  I think I must have added them by mistake in the engines.  Either that or I just missed them this time around :)  But the missing left wing never showed up, and I was still left with a right wing instead.  So think there must have been a mistake in the packaging - doh!  

Look at the difference in colour between the "old" light grey and the "new" light grey!
Star Destroyer and Millenium Falcon

Not quite the same scale :)
Star Destroyer and Millenium Falcon
Last night Nat and Andrew came over and we had some pasta to go with our cheese, and then played lots of Wii into the early hours.  We had fun dressing up Nat's Mii :)

Nat's Mii
This morning the little brother had a look at my battery and confirmed my suspicions that the thing was, in fact, rooted.  So called NRMA out again (last time they came in 20 minutes, this time it was closer to 120 :/  - me poor little brother was trying to leave but very nicely waited around for them).  So they sold me an overpriced battery but the good news is it seems to be working ok now, *and* we decided it was probably the central locking draining the battery too quickly, so that has been disconnected.  So hopefully will be betterer for a while now...

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