My Sunday

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So Sunday the little brother was here in the morning.  We did a Bunnings run and picked up some bits and pieces, including some hooks to hang my Lego mosaics.  Have I ever mentioned my little brother rocks?

Lego hanging
Although he did want to take a pic of me being excited.. :)

Kazza excited
After David left we went for lunch at Fortune Box, then on to Scott and Kerry's to drop off a battery recharger.  And just hung out there for a while.  

Then did our shopping on the way home including some stuff to roast.  When Nat saw my tweet about dinner she said nom nom nom, so invited them over :)  It was indeed epic nom (roast lamb, potato bake and veggie roast).  

Then they played with my bucky magnets for ages.

Bucky magnets
Bucky magnets

And then we played all 32 Mario Kart races, and Nat did a round of mirror mode.  

Very late night though.. oops..

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