My Saturday

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So the little brother turned up late last night, and we stayed up well into the morning doing a jigsaw.  Finished it today.

Gummy guppies jigsaw
Then while Stu went out for a swim, I put up the Christmas tree and lights

Christmas tree, 2009
I also called Hardly Normal to see if they had the Claremont buffet on special.  On the occasions we've been there before they had it for sale for $1399.  Their price today?  $1350.  Sorry, not worth a trip to Fyshwick for that.  When it's under $1000 we'll talk.  

The sweetie cooked some pasta for dinner while I watched Ratatouille.  And I ate most of the rest of the parmesan cheese, cause it's so nommm :)  

Was amused to see the star out in the cherry tree..

Cherry star light
11pm.  The little brother is on the booze train to Tarago tonight.  We might see him later.  Although the sweetie is staying up to watch Slaughterhouse Five, so I might wander off to bed...

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