Kangaroo Valley

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So Saturday morning we headed up to Kangaroo Valley to celebrate Chris B's 50th.  They've got a gorgeous place there.  Got there at lunch time and had a very pleasant afternoon of beer, nibbles, chatting, and watching the more energetic peoples play bocce, croquet and horseshoes.  

Spectacular view
People playing games
CH and the Mighty Angus Burger
Afternoon view
Joel blowing bubbles
Margaret the fairy

For dinner we walked down to Jing Jo Thai.  I was expecting it to be in the main part of town, but it was actually over the bridge and far away heh.  Had the banquet which was really good.

Echidna trying to escape us

Kangaroo River
Kangaroo River
The cafe even had a Bookcrossing shelf!  If I'd known this I'd have brought some books to release :)
Bookcrossing bookshelf!
Getting creative with the decorations
Chris and his cake
Chris with his cake
Hampden Suspension Bridge by night
Hampden Suspension Bridge

Stayed the night in the flat downstairs which was being renovated, so just a strip of carpet to inflate our new air matress (self inflating - too cool), however it had its own bathroom which we had to ourselves, so totally lucked out on that :)  After a big breakfast and some more hanging around, we headed back via Nowra, Sassafras, Nerriga and Tarago.

Construction of the new Nowra-Nerriga road
Construction of the new road

Train at Tarago
Train at Tarago
Was a bit bummed that you can't get anywhere near these things.  Big fences and no tresspassing signs everywhere :(
Capital Wind Farm
So that was the weekend.  Except it was only half over.  Monday felt like Saturday so did housey type stuff and then played with some Lego, and listed a whole bunch of sets for sale on ebay.  Today I lacked direction and actually got a bit bored with everything :/   Oh well.. at least is a short week...


delmer said:

Wonderful photos.

Several months ago I was flying to Seattle and took a look out the window, and noticed some wind turbines. We were at least 30,000 feet up but I could still see the blades turning. We were likely over Montana or Wyoming.

November 4, 2009 8:06 AM


Kazza the Blank One said:

They were *everywhere* in Europe (there was one in the carpark of a hotel we stayed at once heh). It seems silly to me that it's not more widespread in Australia.. we are a "land of sweeping plains" after all :)

November 4, 2009 1:20 PM


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