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Stu had to be in Sydney both last week and this week for work.  They wouldn't pay for him to stay in Sydney over the weekend, and were reluctant to fly him home, altho presumably they would have if he'd insisted.  So anyway, after work on Friday I drove up and we stayed in the hotel together (it's really really weird paying for accommodation in Sydney!)

Friday night was just a quick trip out to get ice cream for dinner (I had a massively huge lunch at work).

View from the hotel balcony
View from Citigate Central hotel

The jackhammering began at 8:00am Saturday morning.  This whole piece of roof was gone by the afternoon.
Jackhammering next door
Saturday we went for a wander up Glebe Point Road where we had brunch, and then wandered around the markets. 

Kent Brewery is no more
Kent brewery is no more
Brunch on Glebe Point Road
Brunch on Glebe Point Road
Walked up to the light rail station and caught it into Darling Harbour.  

Lombard St, Sydney
Lombard St Sydney
Sydney Light Rail
Sydney Light Rail
Wandered around a bit, then went to Sydney Wildlife World (photos in a separate entry).  

Fountain in Darling Harbour
Darling Harbour fountain
Fountain in Darling Harbour
Darling Harbour fountain
Ibis in Darling Harbour
After Wildlife World Stu felt like a beer, so we got beer and wedges.  It felt very much like our Europe trip.  Except a lot warmer :)

Beer o'clock!
In fact the last couple of trips where we've stayed in hotels, we've been in other countries that don't speak English. So it felt really weird that hotel staff and the public actually spoke the same language as us... yeah I know, I'm strange.. 

Seagull vultures
Seagull vultures

Saw the Sun Princess docked at Darling Harbour
Sun Princess
Wandered back to the hotel and were just in time to see the Sun Princess depart
Sun Princess sets sail
Anzac Bridge
Anzac Bridge
The Peak and Sydney buildings
View from Citigate Central hotel
For dinner we went to a sushi place on Hay St.  It was pretty good.  It's the one where you can watch them preparing the sushi and a big fish tank right in the middle.  I saw someone from work there.  Well actually, she and her friend saw me and was waving (through the fish tank), except I was expecting to see Sydney people (if anyone) and so didn't make the connection that I knew her.. heh oops.

Wandered up into the Capitol Theatre atrium thingie, where all these photo booths and claw machines were setup. That and the sushi made it just like being back in Japan for the evening. :)  Stu spent three dollars trying to get one of these dudes for Nat .. he even picked the thing up in the claw, only to have it get jammed at the top of the chute.  Rage!!

Claw machine rage

Then we went and saw Up in 3D.  It was pretty good, although I have to say the 3D glasses do dull the colours somewhat.

Sunday morning was relax, then head over to my parents for lunch.  Watched a slide show of all their Europe and UK photos, and they fell asleep through my Japan photos.

Then headed to Sunday Night Dinner, where I surprised most people there by coming.  No James and George tho :(  

Then commuted to work Monday morning.  

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