The better part of a week

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So what else has been happening this week?

Well Tuesday we had Jeff & Ruth over for dinner.  Nothing fancy, just pasta, but some nice nibbles beforehand.  Conversation got all philosophical-like. heh.  Then we watched Stu's Japan photo dvd.

Thursday went out for dinner to Ginger & Spice in Gungahlin with Scott and Kerry and Jeff and Ruth.  I'd had a few beers by this point, so evening was perfectly pleasant ;)  They'd ordered by the time we got there, so when we arrived, so did the food.  So didn't get much conversation really.

Yesterday had a fairly slow day.  Went for a walk up Mt Rogers.  Then had Nat and Andrew over to play Wii.  Played some really freaky rabbitd game, and then some Mario Kart.  Actually managed to unlock two new cups to play. 

Today I came pretty much as close as I'll ever get to finishing the Olympics (as anyone who reads my Twitter feeds will have been bombarded with ;) ).  The only things remaining are Wario and Amy's 110m hurdles in mission mode, the perfect 10 in vault emblem, and the perfect scores in skeet and archery.  When I got the last trophy today, it put up a special congratulations screen and started playing game credits, with a "thankyou for playing" screen at the end :)   

I should point out that I was enjoying the glorious spring weather today while playing Wii.  Had doors and windows open and was gazing out at our cherry tree which is *going off* at the moment :)

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