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So I've had a productive day and it's only 2:30pm ..

Got up with the others at 7:30 and had breakfast.  Then after they left, tidied up the house, dusted and vacuumed and did a couple of loads of washing.

Then played Olympics for a couple of hours and got Wario a crown.  Seven crowns down, nine plus one to go.

Then because last night it was established that the other spare room had too much junk in it to lay a mattress out on it, I decided it was time to get that room organised.  Which involved lots of moving of crap around.  Which led to tidying up the garage.  Which is shiny now :)  Climbed lots of steps too.  Pity the pedometer ran out of batteries...


Missy said:

Doesn't it seem that pedometers should NOT need batteries? They should be getting energy from their own moving's just odd. Maybe I'm the odd one. ;-)

September 5, 2009 2:57 PM


Kazza the Blank One said:

Yes! That would be brilliant!! ;)
They make watches like that, they should do it with pedometers! :)

September 6, 2009 10:47 PM


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