Lasagna Take 2, and a balloon, and some movies

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Ok that was all out of order.  

First up this morning as I stumbled out of bed I saw this... (I soooo need to do this!!)

Questacon balloon in front of Mt Ainslie
The rest of the day was generally catching up, shopping and cleaning.  

Tonight I made another bechamel sauce and used up the rest of the "meat" sauce and pasta sheets and made another lasagna.  This one was a bit moister (added a bit of passata sauce to the mix first, and had a lot more bechamel sauce and cheese) and not cooked for as long.  It was fan-fricken-tastic!! :)

Tonight we watched Meet the Robinsons, which I'd never even heard of before.  Wasn't too bad, aside from all the time-paradox stuff and other such impossibilities :)  And then we watched The Birds which I'd seen once years ago.  King Kong (the original) is on now, but don't think we'll be staying up for it :)

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