Donnie Darko and Sunny Sunday

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Last night we did pasta for dinner, and watched Donnie Darko (director's cut edition).  I saw this movie years ago and have been wanting to watch it again ever since.  And Stu had never seen it, so watch it we did.  I'm pretty sure this director's cut version had a lot more explanation about the time travel stuff than the version I saw did ...

Today was a catch up kinda of a day.  For brekky I had some of Annie's organic free range eggs

Brekky eggs

We did our shopping in the morning and stopped at As Nature Intended for coffee and hot chocolate and puppy watching.

Hot chocolate

Belco puppies

Lunch was some garlic bread we picked up at the markets. 

In the afternoon I fought with Google Earth/Picasa.  Google Earth had lost all my geotagged place markers and I couldn't figure out why (since the first batch had worked beautifully).  In the end I figured you really needed to quit Google Earth and save temporary places, rather than marking the Picasa window as "done".  Got the rest of day 2 saved properly, and day 3 (Space World) geotagged.  I also cleaned the pool, setup a dvd player downstairs, and cooked a beef stew for dinner (epic nommmm!!!).

Is it just me or does this chick look like Helena Bonham-Carter?
Black Wych

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