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Had a great day yesterday.  Fiddly bits of work in the morning, then went to lunch - all you can eat Yum Cha for $16.80 (plus a dollar for a glass (corkage?)).  Wasn't too bad.  But did have a generous glass of champagne, followed by a generous glass of red.  So didn't really feel like doing much work in the arvo :)  

Ditched work a bit after four, and met up with Nat, who was also waiting for Andrew, and then we made Stu join us.  Wandered around Civic, and had a slightly embarrassing ride on the merry-go-round :)


Went up to an arcade so we could play air hockey, but it was closed - doh!

So headed out to Bella Vista for dinner.  As per usual (when it's available), we got the Mount Majura Pinot Gris - delish!

Mount Majura - Savour the Moment

I got a special - Pollo Saltimbocco - it was amazing!  Really delicious.

Bella Vista Pollo Saltimbocco

After dinner we went up to Rubee's for frozen custard, which I had trouble getting through, on account of being full from dinner and all :)

Then it was back to our place.  We watched Cars, then played some Wii Carnival (not enough Wiimotes for three of to play most things).  And then it was after midnight.  So all up an excellent day :)

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