Week of photos..

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Altho really most of them were all on the one day..

First up, we have the Immigration Red Nose..

Immigration red nose
Before going to see Harry Potter (since it was a 9:30 movie and we weren't going to spend all that time having dinner), we dropped into the Wig and Pen to try some of their winter beers.  On the left is the Russian Imperial Stout, and on the right the Spies'd

Wig and Pen beers
Next it was off to Shogun Japanese restaurant for dinner.  It was pretty good!

Shogun dinner
Then we went for a wander around Civic

Civic trees
Civic UFO
And back to the Canberra Centre

Canberra Centre
Stu contemplating the gym..? :)
Stu contemplating the gym
Captured some ghosts outside the Dendy

Dendy ghosts
Dendy ghosts
This kid had a broomstick.. although perhaps not your traditional broomstick!

This morning Mt Ainslie was missing for a good chunk of the morning..

Mt Ainslie is missing!
And finally the fondue candle and Hedwig

Hedwig candle

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