Nice day

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Had a fairly productive day today.  For a while I was setting a timer and doing 15 minutes of computer stuff then 15 minutes of non computer stuff.  Non computer stuff was mostly tidying tho heh.

Spent a good chunk of my afternoon locating my flight photos on Google Earth.  Got freaked out when I saw the ocean was *moving* !!

Then Stu went and got Nat and also James came over and I did a lamb roast - yumm!  And so doing christened our new dining table :)  Then we wiied and generally had quite a lot of fun.  

Dining table christening

This moonrise was actually yesterday


It's good to have the sweetie back home.  Altho I did enjoy being able to make the bed in one second flat - instead of the usual several minutes it takes me to straighten out the bedding that Stu puts all over the place when he sleeps ;)

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