Goodbye Grandma

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Said goodbye to Stu's grandma today.

Were nearly late because Stu put the wrong street (same name) into the GPS and we ended up 7km away.  But made it just in time.  The service was fairly simple but nice.  Little Squishy even spontaneously said goodbye as the hearse was about to be driven away, was very sweet.

Afterwards went back to her flat with Annie and Potty and hung out for a few hours while Little Squishy had a sleep.  Then headed over to Aunty Jan's for a few drinks and then some delicious dinner with just about all the family, was pretty cool.

So all in all quite a nice family day.

Came back to J&G's and played Wii with the kids and then showed them some of our Japan photos.  They thought there were too many blossom photos.. oops.. :)

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