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Had a relaxing morning this morning.  Slept in for a bit, then got ready and went and played Wii Olympics.  Of course the kids joined me... but thas ok ;)  Won a few gold medals for them, and was beaten soundly in a few events too :)

Left a bit before one and headed down for my unit's AGM.  Was cool to catch up with some peoples and see my place which I haven't seen up close in a year and a half.  

Went down Rocky Point Road and went and saw the house where Clive James grew up (6 Margaret St, according to his Unreliable Memoirs), as well as the street he used to billy cart down the hill from.  

Clive James house - 6 Margaret St Kogarah
Clive James billy cart Sunbeam St Irene St

Had some Maccas for a linner/dunch and then we headed home.  Only made it half way before Stu decided he was too tired to drive, so I took over.  Got home (via the bottle-o) and declared it beer o'clock.  

Saw an article on Boing Boing about Michael Winslow, so of course decided to watch Police Academy :)

And so now it's bed time.. how'd that happen..? :)

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