Weekends go by too fast...

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And here ends another weekend :/

Our cherry tree that last weekend was mostly all yellow leaves, had lost just about all its leaves by this weekend..

Naked cherry tree

Still lots of colour on some of the other trees

Autumn glory

This afternoon we went to the Belco markets for our fruit and veg, and a hot chocolate. 

Belco markets

Belco markets

Belco markets

Belco markets

There was a nice doggie there
Belco markets

I had to perform surgery on my toaster oven today.  The rivet holding the door on a spring snapped off, so had to pull the thing apart and reattach the door to the spring.  Hopefully this mechanism won't jam as much as the rivet used to.

Broken rivet

Tonight Stu cooked some brussel sprouts with a hazelnut in burnt butter sauce.  Was surprisingly delicious.  But after watching Master Chef we were still hungry, so I fried some portabella mushrooms in butter - yummm :)

Weekends definitely go by too fast.. *sigh*

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