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Sunrise this morning was very pretty.. Mount Ainslie was covered in cloud..

February sunrise

Slightly less pressure at work today (apart from one deadline that we looked a little too close to missing), so did a bit of catching up with things.

Windy came in with a box set of Roald Dahl books (the Phizz-Whizzing Collection) - 15 books!  For $50!  Was too good value to pass up, so popped down and got myself a copy.  Will probably read these after Star Trek.

Roald Dahl Phizz-Whizzing Collection

Nat and Andrew came over for dinner and a movie tonight.  Natto wanted to read Fantastic Mr Fox, and ended up reading my original copy, the one illustrated before Quentin Blake came along..

Natto reading

We played some Take 2, then ordered pizza and pasta for dinner.  The pasta was pretty fail tho..

Pasta fail

We couldn't find Lost in Translation (it's probably still packed somewhere), so we ended up watching Jurassic Park.

And then finally talked about Japan a bit, got frustrated over syn_sent errors, and looked at some of our honeymoon photos.

And now it's well and truly tomorrow...

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