Lazing on a Sunday afternoon..

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Had a slow morning.  It was cold and grey and didn't feel like doing much. 

After lunch worked on a new lego mosaic design.

Later on we went for a drive, and went down to the lake to go tweeter watching and coot and swan feeding.  The black swans are a lot less agro without cygnets to care for.  There was a pair that we fed and one of them even let us touch it without freaking out or trying to bite us.  It was more interested in getting food than running away! :)

Superb Fairy Wren (male)

Superb Fairy Wren (female)

Mystery lizard

Feeding black swans

Then we popped into Stu's work to print out something and headed home.

This evening cooked roast veggies and worked on the Lego mosaic.  Worried I'm not going to have enough blue, so have been trying to fill up the blue space with *stuff* ....

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