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Oh what a beautiful breeze that is blowing through Canberra...!!!  Bom reports latest temperature as 21.5C - yayyy!!

So this morning got out mah buckit, the ladder and a latex glove and attacked the worst of the clogged gutters.  It was extremely dry, and mostly red dust from the roof tiles.  Left matter was actually at a minimum.  Filled two bucket-loads doing a quarter of the guttering of the house.  It was very hot and dusty and made my boogers turn red :/  (Stu couldn't find our dust masks).  The top bit of the downpipe, a 30-cm or so section, was actually filled solid with soil.  No wonder the gutters overflowed during rain :(  So dug all that out and tested that water could flow down the downpipe now - it could - yayy!!

Spent the rest of the morning recovering from that.  And didn't get much else done in the early afternoon either.. oops..

Around 3pm, the hoardes descended upon us.  Just about everyone went for a swim and it was very pleasant.  There was critical mass of guests so they could basically entertain each other, without need for us :)

For dinner I attempted my first ever turkey roast.  It was a 1.6kg leg roast.  Although surprisingly little meat, given the size of the bones in it.  I think it turned out fairly well, and even Stu had some of it (although he's sure to regret it later!).  That and our usual roast veggies.

Tonight I made a concerted effort to get my non-personal news feeds to under 1000 unread... now up to only being two weeks behind on those feeds...

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