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man, I'm getting slack!! ;)

On the go all day today pretty much.  First up headed to Yarralumla to pick a couple of goldfish.  Then went shopping on the way home.  Then my parents came over for lunch on their way back through town.  Then Annie and kids came over to pick up the fish. 

Suddenly it was 2pm .. oops!

Spent a bit of time tidying up the house, then Tom came over and we had several beers while Stu cooked dinner (better than my stir-fries cause he's talented that way ;) ).  Watched (well sort of watched cause we were mostly chatting) Prototype This and Iron Chef, then we settled down and watched Spiderman 2, which Stu and I had not seen before.  It was pretty good as suggested by reviews, although a few very cringe-worthy moments (which got even worse in Spidey 3).

So it made for a very pleasant evening, although I do suspect Stu might regret his overindulgence in alcohol tomorrow ;)

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