Is there life on Mars?

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So this morning we (read: Stu) got up early and we wandered off to Nat & Andrew's (where the parking situation is very UNuserfriendly) and then off to the Farmer's Markets.  There wasn't much there this time of year (altho the chickies were still there so we said hello to them) so we didn't buy much.  Played with Natto's ocarina which was a lot of fun - really must get a couple!! and everyone else looked up ecclectic medieval instruments on YouTube.

Then took out the last batch of stuff from our storage unit (after lunch at Fortune Box).  We've had the place for so long it feels kinda weird to let it go. 

The afternoon was spent doing "housy" stuff.

Tonight we watched the second part of Tinman (with Iron Chef and Rockwiz in the middle - felt very hungry while Iron Chef was on so cooked up the last of the Christmas turkey with garlic and honey - so yummm and Rockwiz wasn't the same without Julia) over a few drinks..  But I swear it ended just too suddenly .. I was expecting Askedelia to take over the kingdom as a "good" queen and DG to go home to Kansas or wherever .. but it just stopped so suddenly - the stoopid voiceovers starting even before the credits music had started... :(

So I've had quite a lot of cointreau tonight on account of having sold out of all our cheap alcomohol... really must go have a yokult before bed......

Not sure where the Life on Mars reference came from, maybe a link to Ghost Whisperer or something.....

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