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Wandered over to Damien and Amanda's place this arvo for games.  I was on a bit of a winning streak which was kinda freaky.  Played 10 days in the USA first, and I won two out of the three games.  Then Condotierre, which I won the first and completely crapped out in the second.  After dinner we played Carcassonne which I also won.  So that was all a bit fun.

For dinner we were going to get takeaway from the Dumpling Inn, but they weren't answering their phone, so we ended up going to Kinh Do, which was pretty good.  Well the pork and chicken were, the tofu smelt a bit like dishwater heh :)

So all in all a very pleasant afternoon/evening.

They got us a 2009 Bunny Suicide calendar too which is pretty funny :)

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