Aussie Day

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Today was quite relaxed.  Slept in a bit, just generally hung around.  Started playing Roborally until Ralph and Ali and the kids came over.  Played a bit of eco Fluxx and then had lunch (leftover lamb roast and potato with cheese on a roll). 

After lunch finally left Sydney and dropped in to visit David and Yvonne.  Saw some random photos from their Romania holiday and the Unanderra derailment.  So that was all very pleasant.

Then finally came home, getting home just on dinner time.  Used a big pile of Lizzi's tomatoes for a pasta sauce, was very nice.

And so that was my weekend.  It turned out to be a very nice, if very hot and humid weekend.  I don't think Stu could have dealt with it - it was people the entire time.  And not his people (his people are more ok than my people).  But anyway.

As per usual I don't want to go to work tomorrow...

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