Another three days...

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Seems like forever ago...

New Years Eve was also quite a quiet day, altho I did manage to get some "housy" stuff done during the day.  The boys pulled out the Hills Hoist and netball hoop, and I cleaned the puddle and cooked up a chicken roast.  The plan was to eat lots, drink lots and sing lots.  But after dinner there was some disagreement over what Singstar songs should be sung.  ie, David didn't want to do any Abba and I wasn't very interested in the remainder of the songs that kept coming up.  So things degenerated quickly and in a moment of grumpiness and hesitation I went to the toily (cause I really needed to go) and people got upset and stormed off and it was all a big disaster.  While they were gone, I did the washing up, and Stu suggested we watch The Living Daylights and I thought that was a good idea.  So we watched that, even tho the digital restoration of the film makes it look like it was recorded on video tape not film.  It's eerily clear and clean and not like a film movie at all.  But the been-theres at Schonnbrunn and the ferris wheel were too cool.  C&D came back and we watched the new year in with the Sydney fireworks.  I still miss Sydney :/  and then watched the end of the movie before wandering off to bed.

New Years day I woke up depressed and so it was a bit of a slow day.  We actually just sat around for quite a while just chatting and not doing much.  Got some stuff done with my blog, updating some bits and pieces with it.  Eventually it was time for C&D to leave, so we took them to the airport.  It really was nice to have them here.. They're "low maintenance" and easy to get along with. 

So we got home and I declared it beer o'clock and proceeded to make up for the previous night's lost time.  Nat and Andrew came over, and we started playing Zombies!!! while waiting for pizza to arrive.  Except we waited like an hour and it still didn't arrive.  Yet again our local Dominos stuffed up, this time claiming not to have received our internet order.  At least we did get a $17 cash back when at last our pizza did arrive.  I think I actually won the game in the end, but only because everyone else cleared a path through the zombie dogs for me!  We had Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire on in the background (because the doctor is in it), and at the end I feel asleep and apparently started snoring and they all made fun of me :(  Yet another very late night...

This morning had maccas for breakfast (it was a hangover breakfast kind of a day) and went into work for a bit.  Stu had lunch with me which was lovely.  Bought a new UV filter and had ice cream with Annie & co.  Came home pretty early and had a swim and did some bits and pieces round the house.  We watched A View to a Kill at my insistance and I rather enjoyed it :)  It has the same "video" feel to it as The Living Daylights did.  Very odd. 

So that's about it.  And now for my first early night in a week :)

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