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Yesterday very early my alarm went off and I had to try and remember why I'd set it for such an outrageous hour (7am).  Then I remembered I was planning to go to church - on the complete other side of the city (about 70km away).  So trundled off and made it in about an hour and five minutes, which was a pretty good run all things considered.  Church was actually quite good, and the minister they have at my parents' church is enthusiastic.  Thinking we should probably go more regularly in Canberra :/

Dad and I wandered up the computer fair, but it was very small, maybe 1/4 - 1/3 the size of the one in Epic (although Dad did say it's usually a bit bigger, but even so there wasn't much there).  I would have bought another usb hub, except after being screwed over last time by the place in epic (I paid $12 for it but it basically doesn't work) I decided I'll get an actual name brand one instead of a dodgy brothers no-name special.  I did get a toy though which I hope will work.


Had lunch at the parents' and we watched the rivers episode of Planet Earth on blu-ray.  Very pretty!

Dead tree (hit by lightning)

Rainbow lorikeet

Rainbow lorikeet

Next headed off to Luc and Lizzi's for "afternoon tea" (if a small glass of oj counts as that) and had a look at their back yard, which is now a back yard again after having been a rubble pile for so long.  And they have the most spectacular sunflowers - the heads of the things are probably 40cm across, and the trunks maybe 7-8cm thick!  /me wanna grow sunflowers at home, although I've probably left it a little late for this season.  Really need to get rainwater tanks installed too....

Sunflower head

Left there and went and drove past my old house, then went to the airport to watch the planes for a while.  On the way there I noticed a Singapore Airlines A380 at the terminal and wondered how long it would be til it left.  Well there were actually a bunch of plane spotters there (with scanners and everything), and they said not that long.  So waited and sure enough, off it went!!  So this time got to document the fact that I'd seen an A380 flying! :)  Very excitement-making :)


Qantas 767 (I think)

British Airways A330 (I think)

Singapore Airlines A380

Singapore Airlines A380

Then headed off to Alan and Marylon's for dinner, drank some wine and had a very nice time.  James drove my car back here afterwards.

Longlasting Gobstoppers (not Everlasting!)

Kid totem doorway

And so ended Sunday..

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