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"Then I had to spoil it all by saying something smelly like I smell you...."

ok I have that in my head from the other night too... oops... ;)

Started early today by tidying up downstairs, sweeping and vacuuming the house.  Then things slowed down a bit and did a bit of news feed reading.  We also went shopping ($275 later oops) and went for a walk.

Can't wait for Chay and David to be here so we can sing lots of sing star .. (with the proviso that they bring their ps2 and singstars with them... ! heh)

Tonight we felt it was beer o'clock so went and got a six-pack.  And afterwards thought we could open a bottle of wine.  So several hours and about eight standard drinks each later .. oops... :)

Watched the Mythbusters Christmas lights episode .. which was a little silly cause I'm sure they didn't test how things happened in the real world.  Yes Christmas tree fires happen, but probably not they way they tried it.  I'm a little paranoid about Christmas lights, but probably unnecessarily cause with low-voltage lights these days it's probably not such an issue.. I remember being very careful about hanging lights on my parents' Christmas tree to make sure the bulbs weren't touching anything, but the lights I have these days are very low voltage so the chances of fire are probably very low...

Oysters tonight on Iron Chef... didn't really feel a great urge to watch this one..
(the first oyster I ever ate was straight off the Great Barrier Reef when I was about six years old.  Had another one about twenty years later, and a few at Pulp Kitchen a year or so ago on a steak).  Maybe I should try them again..

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