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Had Jeff and Ruth over for dinner tonight.  We thought they were going to bring takeaway, but they didn't, so we ended up scrounging up some pasta and sauce for dinner.  They did bring some champagne tho so that was nice.

After dinner (and after Stu fixed up their mail and address books) we showed them the "highlights" of the honeymoon photos, which they quite enjoyed.  Reminds me I have to really redo the first half of the highlights, which were done by selecting photos from thumbnails, which didn't always pick the best of the batches.

Today was supposed to be a quiet day at work catching up on stuff that's been hanging around too long.  Instead I had to fix a bunch of problems.  There ought to be a law against people building systems and releasing them into production, then immediately going on leave. *sigh*

And who said it could be a mere 11C tonight?  It's summer for heavens' sake!! :)

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