Insanity Sunday

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My day between 10am and 4pm went something like this:

* drop off boxes at Di's
* drop off electric screwdriver at Damien's
* head for Tuggers to drop off trailer
* organise trailer at storage unit
* get stressed out cause Potty said they were doing something else and unable to help
* get stressed out when they change their plans so they can come help us
* drop off trailer at Libby's
* come back to storage unit and load up car and trailer with boxes, wardrobe and shelves
* stop twice on the Barton Highway because the wardrobe was threating to fall apart and blow bits of wood all over the highway
* get home and unload trailer
* have a nice lunch (but slightly rushed) with Scott and Kerry of veggie hot dogs
* head into work to kick broken proxy servers
* drop trailer back at storage place
* went shopping for beer for bbq tonight and a birthday present
* come home

Yup, we were on the go pretty much nonstop for six hours :(

After we got home I did actually manage to tidy up the spare room downstairs.  I didn't really do any unpacking, just rearranged the boxes and the crap, and stacked everything neatly along the walls instead of haphazardly in the middle of the floor.  The room actually looks like a nice room to be in now which makes me feel good.  Stu was pretty impressed too.  Then I cooled off by scooping crud out of the puddle with the net.

And instead of getting a night off, we went over to Windy's for a birthday bbq.  Noone else from work went tho, so didn't know anyone else, but was still a pleasant evening.  Too many evil nibblies tho, ate far too much methinks ;)

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