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Been trying to remember what we've been up to for the past three days heh :)

Sunday morning saw me up relatively early to go pick up Chay and David from the airport.  Had a bit of a slow morning, then headed off to the Dumpling Inn for yum cha and then did some shopping.  Had a swim in the afternoon then ordered pizza for dinner and played SingStar til 1am.

Monday we watched the wedding video, finished the jigsaw of Bran Castle, then wandered into town, stopping into Stu's work to feed the fishies, the Wig and Pen for some beers (including a couple of summer ones including a very sweet berry-flavoured one which didn't really taste like beer at all) and some wedges. 

Bran Castle, Romania

Canberra Beautification

David with beers

Wandered around the Canberra Centre, looking at DVDs, Singstars and other bits and pieces then came home. 

Stu getting a massage in the Canberra Centre

Had another swim and David and I made a stir fry for dinner.  Most of us (except David) didn't feel up to drinking much and I was falling asleep on the couch, ended up going to be around 1am.

Tuesday was a quiet day.  Chay and Stu rested a lot while David and I played Carcassonne and Cribbage.  Went to Kingsland in Dickson for dinner which was fantastic.  We definitely need to go there more often.  Food was excellent.  Then we toddled off to the Dendy to see Australia.  The Dodgy Dendy struck again, this time giving Chay and David tickets to the wrong movie.  By the time it was all sorted out, the only seats left were in the front row.. doh!  Three hours of neck craning wasn't much fun, but we did all enjoy the movie.  Ended up going to bed around 1am.

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