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Have I ever mentioned that my brother rocks!!??  Yup, seems I have .. twice.. :)

He was coming down to Canberra for the week to work on a train, so last night came over to stay the night.  This morning we thought maybe he could have a look at the adsl link which is a bit flakey, and maybe replace a light fitting for us.

Instead he invited his friends over (Shane and Chris with Lowie in tow) and they wired the whole house!!!  Cleaned up the incoming phone line, cat 6ed the study, lounge room, spare room and bedroom, with everything terminating to the garage where we'll get a proper switch setup, as well as fixing up the aerial and wiring up the downstairs room with an aerial outlet...!! omigosh!!  We were so excited - this was so much more than we were expecting of the day!  And we did end up getting the study (dining room) light fitting replaced, a compact fluorescent dimmer installed (only $10 for dimmable compact fluorescents these days, although you do need a trailing edge dimmer not a leading edge one like most currently are), and the other dimmer moved to the living room chandeliers.  Totally f-ing brilliant! 

Of course having so many people in the house all day was pretty draining, so we ordered pizza and watched the first couple of episodes of Californication season 2.  And then I had a meltdown because my computer wouldn't connect to the internet.  We replaced the cable (that was working previously) and all seems well, but it was just too much to bear at the time.  

And we didn't get anything else that we'd been planning to do this weekend done, but hey, who's complaining..?? :)

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